About Us

Greetings, Along with the birth of a Larasati Pariwisata, so we have to keep crawling and kept running so we are committed to be present as tourism company services and tourism transport good from birth onwards future. Also, we as Larasati Pariwisata would say thanks to all our friends, and all our brothers and sisters who support us, so that we can live and present you as a companion in the world of tourism in Indonesia. Our human resources recruited by a kind heart and honest and willing to develop together.
Therefore, Larasati Pariwisata developing the Togetherness pattern , Simplicity and grow together in this effort.
In our journey of our business trips are some things would definitely be our priorities for improvement in the future, because we had to walk and run with our innovations than others.
By providing a new fleet additions and models of new vehicles we are planning will remain committed to deliver a fleet that is always clean, comfortable, healthy, and strong.
The additions that we have prepared are starting from the Small bus, Medium bus, and Big bus.
Planning of additions for our fleet will continue accompanied positive innovations.
We Hopes that Larasati Pariwisata always feel safety, Larasati Pariwisata always want our customer feel comfortable, and comes as a good tourism transportation company for everything.
Larasati Pariwisata originated from a common hobby to travel out of the city by using ground vehicles, we are planning to form a team for the effort that could help people who want to enjoy tourism using land transportation safe, comfortable, economical and fun. The underlying desire is that we form a container business that we named PT. Solusindo Anugerah Wisata, the capital and the desire of our founder so we do business development of tourism. Because we have a lot of traveling overland in Indonesia then LARASATI tourism has a base in an effort to serve our customers, Our basic business services are:
1. Safety must be paramount and priority.
2. Economical, the price must be reached by the customer
3. Thorough, should be able to provide services carefully so as to make the best quality of service.
4. Details, all servicing should be done with detail and carefully.

Our Team